15 September 2009

Announcement For All Ex Students Of SK Batu Lintang

To all ex students of SK Batu Lintang

A warm Welcome to our blog.

It is nice to know that you all will be meeting in Kuching this year. We are now busy moving to setting up alumni for ex students of this school. We are in need of your expertise, your kind gestures or donation in kind. The infrastructure and landscape of this school needs to be upgraded. At the moment, we could not do the renovation as desired due to lack of funds though we receive funds from the government to repair specific areas only.

Next year, the school will be 50 years old. We need ideas on has to celebrate this joyous occasion. Please feel free to e-mail me at this address
skbtlintang@gmail.com .

Activities for the last quarter of 2009:

(1) PIBG JOGATHON - 31st October 2009

(2) Universal Children’s Day 13 October 2009

(3) Unity Programme RIMUP (Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali) –
13 October 2009

(4) Final exam – 9 until 18 November 2009

(5) Presentation of Certificates to year 6 and Pre School Students –
19 November 2009

Warm Regards and looking forward to your participation.

Annie Soon @ Soon Nyin Yin
Guru Besar SKBL

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